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About Me

Hi everyone  

My name is Joelle Starling and I attend Towson University. I have been doing hair since I was little, and I truly believe that if you look good you feel good. Thank you for choosing Styled by Starling and I can't wait to service you!  


Price List

Not all prices are fix! The price may depend on the style, size and length that you want.

  • knotless braids: starting at $150

  • soft locs: $180

  • butterfly locs: starting at $130

  • boho/goddess locs: starting at $150

  • goddess braids: starting at $150

  • passion/boho twists: $130

  • cornrows: $50

  • fulani braids: $150

  • twists on natural hair: $60

  • plaits on natural hair: $60

  • standard retwist: $50

  • retwist with style: $60

  • starter locs: consultation required, starting at $100


Policy Information

Please take the time to read this section thoroughly!


  • To cancel your appointment, you have to call us or message me directly.  If sending a text please include your name and time and date of appointment!  Deposit will not be refunded.


  • Please send deposits using Apple Pay or Zelle, if deposit is not paid before appointment your appointment will be cancelled. You have 24 hours to make your deposit.  Deposits are non refundable & goes towards your final price!

  • The deposit amount to secure your appointment is $15.00.  Please make sure to include your name in the notes section of your payment.



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